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A building transcends its mere physical structure when viewed through the lens of environmental sustainability, energy conservation, and green building principles. In our approach, we evaluate buildings not just on their installations and technical attributes, but also on their harmonization with the local environment, utilization of eco-friendly materials, promotion of human health, consideration of life cycle impacts, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency, all by LEED standards.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients, including consulting, litigation support, and full-scale project implementation, all aligned with LEED criteria.

Commissioning, once a rarity, has now become a standard requirement by cities striving to meet the demands of sustainable development. This process ensures that buildings operate at optimal energy efficiency levels, encompassing restoration, design, and equipment functionalities. By conducting thorough commissioning analyses, we identify and rectify energy inefficiencies, thereby minimizing wastage.

Our commissioning inspections and audits encompass a wide array of systems including HVAC, lighting, water management, security, fire safety, and more. These evaluations not only ensure compliance with design specifications and regulations but also promote energy-saving practices.

It’s important to note that commissioning is not limited to new constructions; older and renovated buildings can also reap substantial benefits through retro-commissioning. This process revitalizes existing structures, making them more energy-efficient and sustainable, thereby prolonging their lifespan.

In essence, commissioning serves as a potent tool, empowering owners and developers with the means to create structures that are not only more efficient but also environmentally responsible and enduring.


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