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A building is so much more than the installations and its technical features. In LEED evaluated a building based on local environment, materials, human health, life-cycle, cost effectiveness, and energy. We offer our clients consulting, litigation support, and full-scale project to LEED standards.

Commissioning has become more common and part of the city requirements to meet the demands of green buildings. Commissioning ensures optimal energy performance in restoration, design and equipment. Through commissioning you analyze the energy weakness and systems efficiency to ensure NO energy is wasted.

The commissioning inspection/audit covers HVAC, lighting, water, security, fire and safety systems while incorporating the design and meeting policies.

Commissioning is not only for new construction, old and renovated buildings can benefit from it is as well. This is what we call retro-commissioning. Commissioning is a powerful tool that equips owners and developers with a more efficient and long-lasting structure.


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